Part 2: I'm Ready to Unitask #LifeChange

June 7, 2020

Follow-up post to: Are You Ready to Unitask?



Wow. I have finally arrived.


I have been a busy multitasker for many years. In many ways, the busyness has been meaningful since I had contributions I wanted to make alongside others who shared the same passion(s). I have also been motivated by a strong desire to get somewhere in life. As a result, I rarely welcomed unnecessary distractions or inactivity in my life. I still don’t welcome these things, however, I have gained an appreciation for being able to have meaningful rest and pauses in life.


Something I have realized in all the multitasking and busyness is that it is never-ending. Also, at the end of the day most of us won’t get a gold star or any kind of lasting recognition for our busyness. We can work ourselves to death but those looking on won’t talk about how admirable our activities or involvement were. They will move on to find someone else that can be busy for them or they will suck all of the life out of us even as we try to move on and recover from the destruction busyness has inflicted on our bodies, minds, souls, and spirits. Many of us who want to use our skills and talents to do good work are left vulnerable to being taken advantage of in the name of busyness. Many of our loved ones even expect us to be busy for them.


Busyness without focus or vision is dangerous and unhealthy. It is especially harmful for those of us who already know that we have to be busy if we want to be able to support ourselves/family members financially and move on from the economically disadvantaged backgrounds we come from. This has factored into my busyness as well since I do not have strong financial and social support systems to fall back on. The busyness of necessity or basic survival is different than most other forms of busyness though and shouldn’t be confused with other forms of busyness. This will likely be the focus of another blog post as I have been both saddened and outraged by those who have been eager to take advantage of or dismiss me for their purposes. In the meantime, when it comes to other forms of busyness, we can often feel noble in our busyness... However, the sad truth is that staying busy in order to appear noble or receive praise isn’t what’s best for us. It also doesn’t set us apart: Everyone is busy.


Two years ago, I shared a blog post about wanting to focus on unitasking more. Back then I felt that my body was telling me I needed to slow down and that my life wasn’t sustainable. At the beginning of this year the busyness caught up to me. My body, mind, soul, and spirit weren’t having it anymore. I hit one of the lowest points in my life and had difficulty functioning for the 4-5 months that followed. I think this was triggered by the realization that this new phase of my life, where I was seeking to rest and slow down, was plagued with busyness traps. Everywhere I turned, it seemed people expected me to be busy for busyness sake. Busy proving myself to them. Busy dancing to their impossible tunes. Busy. Busy. Busy. Fortunately for everyone, I just don’t have the capacity.


And that’s what’s brought me back here. I wanted to provide an update. It took an additional two years of busyness for me to get where I am today but I’m finally one step closer to a life of unitasking. I’m recreating a new, more sustainable life for the woman I am now and want to be in the future. Thank God that He gives rest that is purposeful and rejuvenating.


If you're looking for someone to be busy for busyness sake then please don't look my way. If you're waiting for me to prove myself to you... Please don't hold your breath. If you're looking for how to live a sustainable lifestyle, advocate for yourself, and make informed decisions then I'm your girl.





Questions to Ponder:


When you think about unitasking what comes to mind?




Do you think that unitasking could help improve your overall performance (i.e. work, hobbies, relationships, reaching specific goals, improving listening skills, having energy to initiate more)?




Do you think that unitasking and flexibility complement each other? Additionally, when you contemplate what flexibility might look like, what comes to mind (i.e. do you think of being flexible with yourself, others, processes, etc.)?




This blog series is focused on Life Changes.


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