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June 5, 2020

Every day is a new day to do the hard work to process through what's going on inside of our hearts. Not so we can prove how good, righteous, woke, etc. we are... No. The point is to be completely honest with ourselves about whether or not we are truly living up to the values that we spout off on social media or talk about in philosophical chats with whatever friend or colleague group we wish to fit in with at the time...


As I reflect on the murders of black men and protests that have been highlighted in the news over the past few weeks, I am reminded of how easy it is to develop a hardened heart in response to various fears, deep hurt, and injustices. I've been feeling the twinge. The hardening. 


It's takes much more courage to choose and push towards love... Love that is active. Love that challenges internal complacency, fear, hatred, and numbness. Love that goes beyond social media posts or displays of individual and collective "goodness" or "outrage". 


I've been processing through the twinge. I'm using the space I currently have in my life to take care of my heart, acknowledge the hurts in my own life, and choose/push towards love and a clearer perspective of where there's a Sophia-sized space to leave a mark. 









This blog series is focused on Living Out Faith and Purpose and Community.


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