At All Costs (Part 2): Market Baskets or Delayed Gratification?

February 9, 2020

Do people decide beforehand (and out of desperation) to marry the next person that they meet through a dating app? How about grab someone off the side of the road to be the father or mother of their children? Some people may but most don’t. Does one choose to work in a random career just because it pays the bills? How about choose a life full of drama or unnecessary chaos just for the sake of adventure? Some people do but not everybody.


When thinking from the perspective of what one hopes to get out of life, or achieve at all costs, it is not too far-fetched to consider that many people wrestle internally with such trade-offs or compromises. For example, if staying in a random job that pays the bills ensures that you get the peace of mind you value above all else, then stay at that random job you might. Some may view this as being career-oriented but it’s not quite that. On a very basic level, it can be classified as being peace-of-mind-oriented. There’s a difference. Even the person working themselves to death today may actually be motivated by the desire to one day be able to rest or focus on one thing. It may surprise those on the outside looking in to find out that their colleague’s motivation, or what he or she desires at all costs, is perhaps joy- not a job title.


Is it delayed gratification or just an acknowledgement of the restrictions of our options at any given time that prevents us from pursuing the good things we desire out of life? Both take a level of self-awareness but I think delayed gratification takes the most. This leaves us with the more realistic option: Acknowledgment of the restrictions on our lives at any given time since, if we could have everything we want now, then we would immediately revel in our good fortune.


When connecting this blog post to the previous, the purpose is to further emphasize how assumptions that are made about single individuals who are highly engaged in their careers are not complete assessments. Furthermore, the narrative that these individuals have chosen to focus on their careers instead of pursuing a romantic relationship and/or having kids is limited.


To be continued...



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