Who is the "Me Work" For???

January 9, 2020


This short blog post is focused on helping those who are invested in sustaining and enjoying the results of their "me work" not to lose sight of why they started on this sort of journey in the first place. It is also a reminder to protect the work that you've done and respect the work that still remains.


Many of us have been doing the hard work and dedicating the time necessary to live happier, healthier lives. This is the work that individuals must decide for themselves to take on once they realize there is a need to make changes in their lives. Only they can make the changes that are needed in order (for them as individuals) to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually and/or physically as healthy as possible. There are a variety of ways and tools available to make these changes. Some people may choose to undergo intense self-reflection, set up meetings with a therapist or counselor, hire a health coach, join a support group or church small group, establish boundaries in different areas of their lives, or a combination of these things. Ultimately, a great deal of time and energy must be invested in order to see the desired results.


We all have multiple priorities and goals in our lives. As we are working on being healthier, happier individuals, we will have opportunities to make gains in other areas of our lives such as career trajectories or relationships. Here is one thing to keep in mind about the work you've done/are doing as you open yourself up to these opportunities: "Me work" is about you and the point is to not go backwards. For example:


-Instead of going back to an unhealthy workplace environment, seek out healthy workplace environments and/or create an adequate exit plan that can help you gauge if or when your job may be unraveling your "me work".


-Instead of entering into or staying in relationships blindly, make sure to think ahead and continually assess whether your relationships will come in conflict with or complement your efforts to be a healthier, happier you.


Although the me work you've done should result in more space or margin in your life, there are limits. Understand these limits and honor them.


Although everyone who may read this post might not be able to relate, there is a specific bible verse that comes to mind when I think about this topic. In summary, it encourages Christ-followers or Christians to forget what is behind and strain or work towards what is ahead. Hope, joy, and peace are what lie ahead. This is the reason why the me work is worth it.


Questions to ponder:


1. If you're someone who thinks that "me work" may benefit you, have you already started on your journey? If you have not, what is preventing you?


2. For those who are already on the journey to being a healthier, happier you, have you taken the opportunity to enjoy the work you've done so far (no matter how small)? If you haven't, take some time today to acknowledge your progress.




This blog series is focused on HealthyYou.


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