Balancing Dreams with Reality: Stay Healthy #ProfessionalGoals

July 30, 2018

Let's be real. Seeking that next opportunity as a student or professional can really take a toll on your physical, mental, and emotional health. To make matters more challenging, you can never be certain of the type of environment you may be entering into as you start your next internship, volunteer position, or job opportunity. Make sure to take care of yourself. Don't assume that anyone else will. Are you:

  • sleep-deprived,

  • depressed,

  • anxious,

  • frustrated,

  • lonely,

  • desperate,

  • exhausted,

  • disillusioned,

  • or bloated?

Don't let these things go unchecked. You want to be as close to 100% as you can be when you finally get your next break. Figure out what works for you and take time to create a plan that incorporates rest, exercise, and healthy relationships. Of course there will be periods of time when you may need to be consistently on the move, just don't run yourself into the ground (emotionally, mentally, or physically) before you get where you need to get.


Once you've arrived at your professional destination, make sure to reflect on the preconceived notions that you have about the workplace. For example, you may think that everyone will be friends and work together well. Understand that this may or may not be true. You may think that professional development or mentorship means the same thing to everyone, but it may not. You may think that you have developed expertise in an area, however, this might not be true (or you still have to build credibility with your boss and colleagues). All of life's questions will not be answered once you get your big break. You may, in fact, have even more questions as you wrestle with disillusionment and try you best to navigate various levels of workplace politics.


Stay healthy as you balance your dreams with reality.



Questions to ponder: 


1. What are some preconceived notions or expectations that you had about entering the workforce/getting your next professional break?



2. Have you found yourself wrestling with feelings of disillusionment or tied up in a web of workplace politics?  How has this impacted life outside of the workplace.



3. What are some healthy habits and boundaries that you have set or will put in place to preserve your mental, physical, or emotional health?









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