Celebrate Good Times! Or not?

May 7, 2018

About 3 years ago, I reached out to a small group of colleagues to see if they would be available for a birthday celebration that I was coordinating for myself. One of my colleagues asked me why I had to organize my own birthday party/dinner instead of waiting for someone else to make the suggestion. My response was that no one else was going to do it and that I wanted to celebrate with the people closest to me at that point in time. I also took time to celebrate the end of seasons (such as the end of a semester or a very challenging course). These occasions were a perfect excuse to invite people to pause and reflect on various stepping stones or milestones taking place in their lives. They were also a great excuse to gather people together.

Outside of group settings, I take time to celebrate various successes in my life or prayers that have been clearly answered. Sometimes I celebrate by pausing and letting the moment sink in. Sometimes I celebrate with a smile. Sometimes I celebrate by listening, singing, or dancing to a fitting song. Sometimes I celebrate by sharing what the success is and why it is important to me with someone else. There are times that I have celebrated by sleeping in.

When I don’t celebrate it is easy to forget how far I’ve come. It is easy to dismiss the sweat and tears... So, I celebrate.


Questions to ponder:


  1. Do you celebrate personal accomplishments or goals? How? Why?

  2. Do you celebrate other people’s accomplishments when invited to do so?

  3. Do you think that failing to celebrate can lead to you forgetting how far you’ve come?

  4. How do you define "celebrate" and what comes to mind when you reflect on the word and it's role in your life?




This blog series is focused on #Goals.


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