#Community vs. Friendship

April 18, 2018

At one point in time, I used to think that having community equated to having friends. Over the past few years, I feel as if the two have become distinct and that having "community" is more desirable than having friends as one gets older, since friendship can seem elusive at times and everyone defines it differently. I could be wrong though...

I currently view myself as having various networks where I am able to contribute, build relationships, and share with a diverse group of individuals that I have made connections with. I am not sure how deep these connections are but I do believe that they are valuable and essential to my life. I also believe that I am able to contribute to the lives of others. Another thing I've noticed is that I have been able to interact with people of different ages that are from diverse settings and backgrounds. I feel more connected and rooted than I ever have before, even in the midst of the feeling I sometimes have that I am, "just passing through." It's important for me to feel the weight of both realities although they seem to be contradictory.


Questions to Ponder:



How do you define community?






Do you feel connected or rooted?






Do you believe that having a community or multiple roots is more desirable than friendship as you get older? Why or why not?




This blog series is focused on Community.


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