Motivated to Take That Step #LifeChange

April 8, 2018


For a large part of my life, I've focused on being a shoulder to cry on or support for friends and loved ones. In addition to this, I am an upholder (this means that I tend to commit to various internal and external expectations). A few years ago, after I set some personal and relational boundaries in my life, I realized that my body had been responding negatively to various emotions and stressors: at one point I was having severe back pain, had to wear two wrist braces, begin to have difficulty communicating, and always felt nauseous. However, after about a year of just focusing on my own health and affairs, my pain began to subside. I am still working on improving my communication skills.

Here are some life changes that I have made since then:
1. I assess my involvement in activities to make sure that I engage in things that I value (and that the activities aren't negatively affecting my health)
2. I assess my relationships to see if I'm trying to take on more than I can handle
3. I monitor my body to see what changes I may need to make for a season (or maintain for the long-term)


Questions to Ponder:


Please describe a time when you realized that you had to make a life change. How did this change impact your life?




This blog series is focused on Life Changes.


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